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Lanlivery Parish Council

Helman Tor in the parish of Lanlivery

Neighbourhood Plan - Latest News

Request for additional information from the NP Examiner

Lanlivery Neighbourhood Development Plan Examination

Request for further information and questions from the Examiner to Cornwall Council and Lanlivery Parish Council

I have carried out a preliminary initial review of the Neighbourhood Plan and the evidence submitted in support of it and there are several matters where I need some clarification or further information. I would therefore be grateful if both Councils could assist me, as appropriate, in answering the following questions.
1. Housing numbers
In the first paragraph of the Reasoned Justification for the Housing Section, a statement is made that the NDP policies “would deliver a maximum of twenty houses by 2031”. Please can you outline how this figure was established? If it includes recent completions and planning consents, please can you confirm the relevant numbers?

I note that in Para 8.14 of the Basic Conditions Statement it is stated that 8 dwellings have been completed since 2010, but it would also be useful to have the number of completions since the start of the NDP period i.e. since 2016.

2. Housing needs and house prices
Policies LH1 and LH2 seek to encourage more provision of low cost homes and homes on farms. In addition, the supporting text to Policy LH4 refers to a large number of holiday lets being granted. Is there any local housing need survey information or other relevant data available, to help justify these policies?

3. SA Scoping Report
The Basic Conditions Statement on page 24, para 10.5, includes some text highlighted in red regarding the SA Framework. Please can you confirm or update this text as necessary. I have looked on the Lanlivery Parish Council website for a copy of the SA Scoping Report and have not been able to find a copy of this – so please can you provide me with one? Para 10.6 refers to a Sustainability Appraisal Report – please can you provide a copy of this too?

4. Biodiversity and Geological Conservation
Policy LLNE2 seeks to protect RIGS, County Wildlife Sites, County Geology Sites and Local Nature Reserves. However, maps of these sites are not included in Appendix 2. Are any maps of these locations, which fall within the NDP boundary, available please? Can you also clarify what the area shaded in orange on the first map in Appendix2 entitled Parish PF Lanlivery Boundary is? Also, the last map in Appendix 2 seems to duplicate the Breney Common SSSI Map on the previous page and the middle map on the second page of the Appendix - is this correct? Would it be possible to produce a composite map that shows all the SSSI’s on one plan, at a legible scale?

5. Archaeological Heritage
Is there any mapping available for the Scheduled Monuments listed in Appendix 1 – entries 35-39, or alternatively a central record which is available to the public which could be accessed if required?
Many thanks for your assistance with these questions. Once I have received your responses, I may need to ask for further clarification or further queries may arise as the examination progresses.
Please note that these questions and requests for information is a public document and the answers and any associated documents will also be in the public domain. Both my questions and the responses should be placed on the Councils’ websites as appropriate.

Many thanks.
Barbara Maksymiw
15 May 2018

Pre Application Consultation Dates

The pre-application consultation period of the Neighbourhood Plan begins on 24th March 2017 and ends on 5th May 2017.

All statutory consultees have been provided with an electronic copy of the draft Plan and there are hard copies available in Lanlivery Church.

Further copies can be obtained from the parish clerk, Sally Vincent by emailing

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