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Lanlivery Parish Council

Lanlivery Recreation Field

Council Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

Meetings of the Parish Council are held on the first Wednesday of every month, except August, at 7.00pm in the Village Hall. Members of the public are welcome to attend to ask questions or listen to proceedings.


Date Comment Agenda Minutes
3rd April 2024  Agenda 
3rd April 2024Annual Parish Meeting  Agenda 
6th March 2024  AgendaMinutes (Unapproved)
7th February 2024  AgendaMinutes
3rd January 2024  AgendaMinutes


Date Comment Agenda Minutes
6th December 2023  AgendaMinutes
1st November 2023  AgendaMinutes
6th September 2023  AgendaMinutes
7th June 2023  AgendaMinutes
3rd May 2023Annual Meeting of the Council  AgendaMinutes
5th April 2023  AgendaMinutes
5th April 2023Annual Parish Meeting  AgendaMinutes (Unapproved)
1st March 2023  AgendaMinutes
1st February 2023  AgendaMinutes
4th January 2023  AgendaMinutes

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